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About Us

We're not just for apprentices, we are also led by apprentices. 

The Association of Apprentices (AoA) presents AoA Connect, a dedicated social-networking channel created especially for all UK Apprentices.

Members of AoA get exclusive access to: 

Your community - connect with apprentices across the UK, by region, industry, interests, and many more.

Specially curated content - on-demand videos, articles, and courses for you, by you, and with you. 

Events - join our online and in-person events designed to help you to excel

Industry news 

Polls - share your experiences and insights 

You'll be able to ask for advice from your peers, discuss strategies, get tips for your End Point Assessment, receive mental health support, and so much more. 

AoA provides the social and broader elements often missing from apprenticeship programmes, which aid life-long career development and a lifetime of professional networks.

AoA is your place to come together with apprentices past and present to support each other.